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Pfizer, Inc | +22% Swing Trade | Against The Herd

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Last Thursday an interesting dip popped up: Pfizer Inc!

I know, we all desperately want the pandemic to be over, additionally, there is a war going on. Unfortunately, Corona Virus cares neither about our feelings nor about politics.

Specifically, sub-variant BA.2 is on the horizon:

Politicians are assessing if a 4th shot will be necessary. From my point of view (not a doctor), it seems not only plausible, but even probable.

Let me cite from

"Pfizer and BioNTech are working on an omicron-specific booster that could launch in March. The U.S. is also considering a fourth dose of the original booster, though a study from Israel suggests it doesn't prevent omicron cases. The companies plan to make 4 billion doses of their original shot in 2022"

Let's look at an other assessment from CNN Business:

14 analysts say "hold", 11 say "buy".

The below chart itself looks promising - dip detection was very robust and we see an upward trend for both lower and upper resistance lines. The lower resistance line (green) was confirmed 6 times, 7 times if you count the current touch.

In a bad case scenario, the price could swing down to -12% before it reaches the first support. However, I see three positive scenarios within the next 6 months:

- following the lower resistance line and gaining 10%

- retracing towards the middle trend line and gaining 22%

- exaggerating towards the upper resistance line (red) and temporarily gaining 33%

Those speculations are absolutely in the realm of the possible since we’ve seen those prices already.

I hope you liked this quick review of the current situation of Pfizer, Inc.

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Remember, this is only a starting point to do your own analysis.

Happy trading/investing!


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