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Adobe Inc. | Solid Fundamentals & Dip | +20% expected

Hello my fellow investors and traders!

Today I am once again sharing a secret!

Let's have a quick look at Adobe Inc., a true digital empire, which popped up at DipDetector today.

The big picture:

Currently it is trading at a discount of -11% from its all time high, while the balance sheet data (interpolation of EBITDA) indicates a fair value at its ATH.

EBITDA increased sevenfold in the last 6 years, while total assets increased by 140%.

What is more, we can see an outstanding growth in efficiency, which shows itself by taking a look at its net margin which rose to around 40%.

Obviously, it wasn't overvalued 6 years ago, as we can see above. Following the same logic, it shouldn't be overvalued today.

Looking at the chart, we have an expected price rise of 22% in the next 6 months, maybe even 40% in the best case scenario. Expect to see a temporary downswing of up to - 11%.

This forecast is based on regularly confirmed trend and resistance lines over the last 8 years.

For those reasons, investors looking for strong companies with significant growth potential should definitely take a look at Adobe Inc.

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