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Long Term Investments during the Crisis - Google / Alphabet

Hi Guys!

While we see dramatic developments regarding Corona Virus, there is also a silver lining:

Stocks are incredibly cheap.

While not all businesses are the same, they all are getting clobbered down, which is "unfair" towards some of them. We are going to take advantage of that.

In this series, I am going to reveal to you a winning selection of stocks to get through this crisis.

I am looking for companies, that are much less affected by travel restrictions and supply chain disruptions than the economy as a whole.

Obviously, we are looking for good IT companies, since

1.) their employees can work from home and therefore

2.) those firms can continue to deliver their services to customers or move forward their product development.

I wrote a powerful tool that monitors the whole stock market to find good entry points for long-term investing.

It directly shows me which falling stocks encountered resistance and therefore, with a certain probability, reached their bottom. (It's optimized using machine learning)

Please check it out at, first month is totally free. Or check its performance directly on Tradingview with the open indicator "DipDetector V1.0" (use the daily chart).

One of the most recent detected dips is Google, or to be more precise, its holding company, Alphabet Inc.!

Like with Facebook, Google dips are also pretty rare, so the indicator is pretty robust for this company.

In my opinion, at the current price level of Google we have an upside potential of at least 50% over the next 2 years!

Why you should buy Alphabet now:

- own the mobile phone sector with the Android operating system

- competitive player in the cloud business

- owner of Waymo, self-driving car champion (vs.Tesla)

- dominant as ever, portal to the internet via Google search engine

- no international supply chain, so no problem with travel restrictions

- incredibly steady growth in revenue, equity and user numbers over the past years,

- DESPITE legal fights with publishers, monopoly concerns (=legal fights) in the European Union and trading wars

-> so we have a top notch robust business model here!

I am publishing further company suggestions today, so stay tuned!

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